Installation View

Lap of the High Plains


Lap of the High Plains

Freddy, Baltimore 

October 3rd - October 24th, 2015

This show comprises found and appropriated recliner chairs. They are stripped down and fully extended. Through a mannerist expansion of form in repose, these chairs expose themselves and their essential qualities in form and spirit. The lap is many things: a refuge, an erotic zone, a hinge and a base point for expansion and contraction. It's is the premodern clutch of heat that fires our extremities and warms our children. It is both gut and jaw. Keyser's decision to show these chairs here on West Franklin Street is informed by her experience of growing up in Baltimore- a lap, which held many things. These chairs embody the playing out of themes of adaptability and our slippery trust in sense of self and place as we lay back. This exhibition marks the end of 'A Nightmare on West Franklin Street' in Baltimore. Freddy will continue its reign of art terrorism this January at Paramount Ranch in LA. Many thanks to the artists and art advocates in Baltimore and beyond who supported the project. A gigantic special thanks goes out to Jordan Bernier whose help has been invaluable.



Review by Terence Hannum, Bmore Art, October 2015