Installation View

Promethean Dub


Promethean Dub

Peter Blum Gallery, New York

September 15th - November 12th, 201 1

Loosely inspired by the first law of thermodynamics, Promethean Dub brings together a group of large scale canvases and small works that relate themes of transmutation and rebirth to the concept that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. The title of the exhibition is derived from the myth of Prometheus, who was responsible for endowing humankind with the fire of life and the musical genre Dub, born of poverty and ingenuity, a means of creating new sounds by reformatting preexisting songs. The combination of these ideas is echoed in process-driven abstractions, which incorporate industrial and found resources with more traditional painting materials. Burlap is painted and collaged onto ink-stained canvases, nails are driven into wooden panels, and glossy enamel is layered over matte house paint in expressive brushstrokes. Keyser also employs fire's disappearing act as a material and a tool by burning holes directly into paintings. The physicality of this process can further be seen in the use of foraged sawdust mixed with found aggregate mica and pigment that is applied to the surface of canvases. Additionally, several of the paintings have been stretched on top of uneven planes to create shapes that push the physical limitations of the canvas. The transformational properties of elements involved allow for a new physicality – a recasting of energy. 


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